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A Confident Smile

Of all the things you wear your smile is the most important, it only takes a few seconds for us to form our first impressions and nothing makes a better first impression than an attractive smile, it radiates confidence and attractiveness.

Denture wearers unfortunately can feel very self conscious of their smile, many believing that everyone knows that their teeth are false and look false, speaking and eating, especially whilst in company can be very embarrassing.

Far too many denture wearers either knowingly or unknowingly tolerate dentures that are ill fitting, or badly made, which may cause a sunken appearance, or difficulty eating or talking.

At Ghyllmount we strive to provide you with natural looking dentures that enhance your appearance, allow you to function to your maximum ability, and restore your self esteem and well being.

Denture Replacement

Alternatives to Dentures

If you are embarrassed that your dentures are loose and uncomfortable, we can provide you with cosmetic dentures supported by Dental Implants. More and more people are choosing this option because of the comfort, fit and confidence they give.

Implant Retained Dentures

Teeth should really last for your life. But reality is often a bit different. We are lucky to have a safe and convenient solution with implants. You can eat, talk and laugh again perfectly naturally – as if they were your "second set of teeth". As few as two to four tiny titanium roots are sufficient to hold a full denture firmly in position. A bridge can be permanently attached to six implants. Regardless of the solution you select, reliable stability in the upper jaw and the lower jaw will guarantee complete security and a relaxed feeling – at any age and with virtually any initial situation.

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